What others are saying about Jackie Flynn...

“As a mother of four daughters, two with special needs, I am always looking for new tools to help my children grow into healthy, wholehearted people. ADHD, anxiety, and Asperger’s are the primary concerns my family faces.

Within an hour of our first coaching session, Jackie gave me a list of ideas to implement with my girls that are having an immensely positive effect on our household. After years of seeing psychologists and therapists, I thought I knew it all, but Jackie showed me otherwise and I’m so thankful for that! Whether you’re a family with special needs or are just dealing with the everyday difficulties that arise from parenting in our modern day mayhem, Jackie Flynn has the solution to create a happy and peaceful environment in your home.”


Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Motivational Speaker

Cindy W“Jackie presented a “hands on” workshop to our parents and teachers at Riverview School Head Start program. She immediately connected with our parents, made them feel at ease right away and provided practical parenting tips in a fun atmosphere.

Jackie provided several behavior strategies and then role played these strategies with our parents. She answered their questions and encouraged our parents as they learned new parenting skills. Parents were so excited and provided very positive feedback after the workshop. Our program truly appreciated her professionalism and ability to educate parents in a warm and friendly manner.”

Cindy Wortham, MA

Headstart Family Advocate

“Jackie has opened so many doors for our entire family. She has allowed us to see our daughter for how she truly is rather than how we think she should be. Jackie has given our daughter the tools to express her self with honest, open feelings. She has gained our daughters trust, which shows often. Jackie’s flexibility allows us to turn to her in crucial times and has seen our daughter several times even when not scheduled. We thank God for you Jackie!”

Anonymous Parent

“I worked with Jackie as part of our “Individual Problem Solving Team” at one of the schools that I supported as a School Psychologist. Jackie has a keen ability to thoroughly identify and address student emotional issues that inhibit academic and behavioral performance. She was the leader of our team, as well as the School Counselor and the 504 contact person at the school. Jackie knows a lot about how to help students struggling with anxiety, motivation, social problems, attention and focus concerns, and behavioral issues. During my time working with Jackie, she facilitated student groups to help students with struggles stemming from ADHD, ASD, anxiety, and such. Her ability to precisely identify and conceptualize specific issue(s) a student was  struggling with, ascertain effective interventions, conduct assessments and interpret results in a way that is useful and understandable, and provide  parents and teachers with useful information is truly remarkable.”

Linda Crescini, MA

School Psychologist

heart drawing

“I have known Jacqueline Flynn for several years as our School Counselor at Sculptor Charter School in Titusville, Florida.   Jackie was a vital member of our Exceptional Education Team.

Mrs. Flynn consulted with teachers and parents for 504 evaluations and creation of accommodation plans in her work.  She wrote behavior intervention plans for students in need of extra behavioral support as well.  She conducted for data collection that served as the guide for the decisions made for Exceptional Education Services for students. She was the lead for this program at our school.  In addition to the volumes of paperwork, Jackie worked with approximately 550 students and parents at our school each year. Mrs. Flynn was the most dedicated and skilled Guidance Counselor that I have met! Her job was a service that she performed seriously every day.  Everyone…..at our school respects Jackie Flynn.  The reason for this respect is her genuine concern for all. I always valued her response when I asked her a question about one of students. When there was a concern with any of my students, I first went to Jackie for guidance. Another attribute that is so vital, that Jackie possesses, is her constant study.  She continues to research and attend classes or workshops to increase her skill level. She started a program called “The Lunch Bunch” for students with social needs.  She met with them every week at lunch to keep in touch with them and aid them in cultivating friendships.  She also came into my classroom to give mini-lessons on social skills. She understands and responds to the needs of students with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities and other disabilities.  She initiated a group for students with divorced parents as well.  She was also instrumental in having a Hospice Counselor come in once a week after school for students who lost a parent.  She taught classes for the students of all ages on anti-bullying and other guidance areas. She also shared valuable information with parents and staff concerning the needs of their children.  Since she was so well respected, the parents were very receptive to her guidance. It was a privilege to work with her.  I have the highest regard for her skills and concern for all.  She has such a well-rounded background for her field, but most of all – She cares…”
Theresa Murphy, BA

Resource Exceptional Ed Teacher