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Congratulations on taking steps to improve your child therapy practice and offer even more to the children you serve. You are all registered to participate in the Symposium for free. However, I encourage you to consider the Therapist Extraordinaire Pass to take this learning experience to the next level and to have this library of sessions to reference forever. With the Pass, you get lifetime access to all 40 sessions, over 25 bonuses from our expert lineup, and a certificate of completion.

In addition to having forever access to all 40 Symposium sessions, you’ll also receive these 25+ bonuses from our experts!

Important Toy Ebook, from Lisa Dion

Understanding Emotional Flooding Video, from Lisa Dion

Understanding the Roles of Family Members When Working with Clients Struggling with Addiction Video, from Amanda Mattick

Executive Functioning Go-To Handout PDF, from Diana Shaw

Discovery Deck Coloring Sheets PDF, from Janine Halloran

Sitting with the Urge Meditation Audio File, from Laura Chackes

Aggressive Playroom Tour Video, from Althea Simpson

Emotion Thermometer PDF, from Norine Vander Hooven

Information & Resources for School Psychologists through the School Psyched Podcast Video, from Rebecca Comizio

Childhood Attunement Audio File, from Robert Cox

Assessments in Child Therapy Cheat Sheet PDF, from Joanna Piekarski

A Child Therapist’s Quick Guide: Screening for Red and Yellow Flags With Divorce and Custody Related Cases PDF, from Lynn Louise Wonders

Kid Friendly Body Scan for Somatic Awareness PDF, from Jackie Flynn

3 Play-Based Techniques to Use with Children of Deployment PDF, from Jackie Flynn

Play-Based Therapeutic Breathing Techniques for Kids PDF, from Jackie Flynn

Positive Strength Words to Create a Strength-Based Activity PDF, from Jackie Flynn

Timeline Activity, from Julie Bowen

Group Therapy Resource Guide PDF, from Katie May

Sensory Processing Questionnaire Bundle PDF, from Lindsey Biel

Personalized Support four Your Child PDF, from Sarah Wayland

Family Self-Esteem Game Video, from Clair Mellenthin

LGBTQ+ Bibliotherapy PDF, from Samantha Willis

LGBTQ+ HRT Hormone Blocker Form Letter PDF, from Samantha Willis

LGBTQ+ Resources of Clinicians PDF, from Samantha Willis

LGBTQ+ Resources of Clients PDF, from Samantha Willis

Using Bibliotherapy in the Playroom Online Training, from Sabra Starnes

Magic Rainbow Hug Book and Activity Book, from Janet Courtney

5 Tips for Child Therapists working with Grief, by Dee Dee Rodriguez

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