Keynotes & Seminars

with Jackie Flynn EdS, LMHC-S, RPT
Jackie Flynn is inspirational educator and a dynamic speaker that engages and motivates audiences with her authentic “hands on” style of providing actionable strategies that can be implemented right away.

Jackie’s speaking experience includes empowering presentations to groups of children, adolescents, professionals (students, therapists, educators), and parents/caregivers.

Her presentations are fun and leave the audience with a plethora of knowledge and strategies on how to help children thrive through the difficulties of life.

Below are presentations that Jackie has prepared:
    • “EMDR with Kids: Discover the How-To’s of Integratining EMDR Therapy with Play Therapy Techniques for Trained EMDR Therapists”
    • “Understanding and Healing PTSD”
    • “Raising Emotionally and Physically Healthy Kids”
      • “Let’s Talk About Anxiety in Kids”
      • “Nurturing Healthy Parent Child Relationships”
      • “Using Brain Research to Help Our Children with Emotional Self-Regulation, Academic Success, and Relationships”
      • “Raising Respectful & Confident Children”
      • “Raising Genuinely Kind Children”
      • “Navigating the Educational World”
      • “Harnessing the Essence of a Motivated Child”
If you are interested in having Jackie speak at your location let us know below.
All presentations are customizable to fit your specific needs. Please allow 3-5 business days for our contact regarding your request.