EMDR & Sandtray Therapy Integrated Online Course

EMDR & Sandtray therapy is the ideal therapeutic combination. Since Sandtray therapy can make the unconscious, conscious, it is a great modality to support the imagery, bilateral stimulation, adaptive shifts, cognitions, regulatory techniques, and more when it comes to EMDR Therapy. Clients move towards their adaptive resolution and their positive cognition when they feel safe enough to do the reprocessing. And, sandtray lends itself to going deeper on targeted issues, which can result in a more thorough approach to healing. In this course, I teach clinicians the how’s, why’s and what’s so they can go back to their office the next day and start integrating EMDR & Sandtray.

8 Phases of EMDR Therapy with Children and Adolescents 

Online Course

By integrating Play Therapy techniques, practical applications of the 8 phases of EMDR  can be implemented with fidelity with children and adolescents. An understanding of how maladaptively stored information presents within this population is vital.  Specific Play Therapy techniques to integrate into the basic protocol, aligned with the 3 prongs (PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE) in support of the unique needs of a developing brain while using the Adaptive Information Processing, AIP, model.

Jackie Flynn is the founder and director of Counseling in Brevard, is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Registered Play Therapist, Trauma Therapist, Couples Counselor, Education Consultant, and Parent Coach. She is the creator of the following imagery books: Jackie Feels and Animal Imagery: EMDR Inner Resource Development. Her passion for helping children and families in a variety of settings inspired her to open a private practice group in Cocoa Village Florida where she provides caring, thoughtful counseling and therapy to individuals of all ages, families, couples, and groups. As a proud veteran of the US Army, a Give an Hour Provider, and a Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant, she is passionate about helping people heal from traumatic experiences and move towards a happier, healthier life. She has special interests in Anxiety, Depression, Adoption, Grief, Relationship Struggles, Learning Disabilities, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Jackie earned an Education Specialist degree in School Counseling from University of Central Florida and Graduate Certificates in Play Therapy and Nonprofit Management. Prior to her current work at Counseling in Brevard, she was honored to be the School Counselor at Sculptor Charter School in Titusville, where she currently serves on the Board of Directors as the Parent Representative. Jackie is also the creator and host of Play Therapy Community and Parenting in the Rain Podcasts, downloaded over 160,000 times in over 50 countries..