Meet Jackie

If you want to learn effective parenting strategies and techniques that incorporate YOUR values, YOUR style, and YOUR individuality…
If you love your children, but sometimes struggle to get through the day without yelling and arguing…
Perhaps, you are in search of coping skills and strategies…
And, especially if you desire to have long lasting strong family relationships with love, enjoyment, and gratitude throughout…
Then, you’ve arrived at the right place (ahhh, deep breath).
With my specialized knowledge, I can help you to navigate the (sometimes) rough waters of divorce, anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and more.
My name is Jackie Flynn, and I help parents with the “biggies” of family life .  If you can relate to any this struggles and desires, then are in the right place.
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I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with hundreds of children and their families in the school and clinical settings for years. My unique combination as a Mental Health Therapist and Education Specialist provides me with the necessary tools to help children and their families in a comprehensive way.

Here are my top credentials:

  • Registered Play Therapist
  • Licensed Psychotherapist
  • Marriage Counselor (Gottman Level 3 Trained)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Education Specialist
  • EMDR Therapist
  • Certified School Counselor
  • Certified Educator (Pre-K-12)
  • Certified Adolescent Life Coach


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On this podcast, I have the privilege of chatting with experts from around the world to help parents get valuable information to help their kiddos thrive. We talk about pretty much everything that parents could benefit from…emotional, social, physical, educational, and familial health and wellness.
Information that addresses the challenging issues like picky eating, behavioral issues, specific diagnosis, defiance/refusal, divorced/blended families and so much more.
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I believe the best way to start a new relationship is by sharing.
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