Episode 34,  Labyrinths for Focus, Calmness, and Connection

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In This Episode: 

  • I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Neal from Relax 4 Life.
  • I first learned about Neal after purchasing one of his labyrinths to use with my students. I was in search for a tool that was easy to use that helped kids calm down, focus, and regain collectedness enough to go back to class after feeling bothered by something.  Labyrinths are great for all of these things.
  • Now I use my double labyrinth with my clients in almost every session with almost everybody – adults and children.
  • I have also used my double labyrinth to help parents and children attune to each other.
  • More recently I have used it as part of couples counseling.
  • In our conversation, Neal talks about the many different kinds of labyrinths. He mentioned a bit about the history and concept of labyrinth as well.  I am planning a trip to go to a walking labyrinth. I’m super excited!
  • Neal mentions some research that looks at the helpfulness of using a labyrinth with children and adults with ADHD. Also, some people use it as part of meditation, prayer, or mindfulness.
  • I love to use mine in the sandtray to add the element of the sensory effect to the experience.
  • Visit relax4life.com/jf.html to see the ones that I recommend.

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