Vista Organization and Office Property and Pupil Re: Office Property and Windows Company and Scholar > I obtained Windows Vista Company, are there any office products set? Indeed, and no model of Vista no variation of almost any Windows before it, has ever have any office-products. Microsoft Office is sold as a distinct item. What could be puzzling you is the fact that you perhaps had acquired a PC before that came with equally some version of Workplace and Windows. But that has been an offering put together by the OEM who didn’t signify Workplace included that type of Windows either, and offered the pc. Blake – MVP Windows: Covering/Consumer Please reply to the newsgroup Re: Windows Vista Business and Microsoft Home and Pupil & quot Blake, MVP" published: > Steven wrote: > > > I bought Windows Vista Enterprise, does it have any office products > > embedded? > > > No. No type of Windows Vista, as well as no model of any kind of > Windows before it, has actually include any Office products.

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Microsoft Office > is sold as being a merchandise that was separate. > > What could possibly be perplexing you is that you probably had purchased some type of computer in the > past that came with equally some edition of Windows. But which was an > Intelligent Software offering assembled by the OEM who did not mean &gt, and sold the computer; that Workplace came with that type of Windows either. > > — > Ken – Microsoft Windows: Covering/Individual & gt reply to gt & the newsgroup ; Re: Microsoft Home and Windows Vista Enterprise and Scholar MS-Office has not been actually included by any solution. You should be ready to set up (not transform) Office House and Scholar ? no upgrade. Free: Every One of The function of Office except Office Outlook, " Steven" < gt & Steven; published in information news:A0C63943-AEF2-49C8-A5E7-

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>I bought Windows Vista Company, does it have any office-products > set? I’ve also not been able to convert my Microsoft Office Household and > Student fully version. Could anybody help me?