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Parenting in the Rain, Episode 20

Melissa’s Mantras: for Nurturing Responsibility, Independence, and Confidence in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

In This Episode:  

Melissa Braun, Ed.S is a loving parent, an educator, a school staffing specialist and a person passionate about advocating for kids.  Melissa shares her 5 mantras below.  


  • Have a Growth Mindset.


Melissa points out the power of the word “yet”.  She points out that we need to focus on what they can do and what supports and services they need to be successful.


  • Be the Advocate (all) Our Children Need You to Be.


Melissa emphasizes that we need to advocate for what we want our child to become.  This helps them to become a self-advocate as they grow and develop as well.


  • Embrace Healthy Conflict and Difficult Conversations.


With so many people on teams for children with special needs, there is likely going to be disagreements and conflicts along the way. Expect conflict and know that conflict is because people care about your child’s success and may have different viewpoints on help.  Don’t avoid conflict, but keep talking and keep listening.  Melissa asks herself “What did their heart mean?” when she hears things from others in the team that sometimes feels upsetting.


  • Do not Handicap your Child’s Life by Making it Easy.


Let your children do what they can do for themselves. Empower them to be as independent as possible. This may require more time and support, but allowing your child the opportunities to make mistakes and gain skills helps support self-efficacy.


  • Be Kind to Yourself.


Be gentle on yourself.  Don’t expect perfection.  Recognize your humanness.  “Some days are more successful than others.”



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