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hannahs heroes

Parenting in the Rain, Episode 19

Hannah’s Heroes: Youth Suicide Prevention,  Providing Community Support & Preventing Other Losses

In This Episode:  

  • Hannah’s Heroes is a nonprofit organization that is on a mission of youth suicide prevention.
  • Lyn Cline, co-founder and president of “Hannah’s  Heroes. “After the tragedy of losing my beautiful daughter, Hannah to suicide, I couldn’t allow her to become another teenage statistic. With friend, and former teammate, Liz Mikitarian, Hannah’s Heroes was born.”
  • Lyn tells us that Hannah was a well-rounded young girl that they never expected was deeply depressed and at risk of death by suicide.  The evening before she “took her life” she was planning with her mother for short term and long term events.  It was a complete shock.  She thought she had the world at her fingertips.  “Don’t ever think this can’t be your kids”.
  • Lyn urges parents to put away the electronic devices and connect and spend time with their kids. “You need to know what the kids are doing online.”  
  • Liz Mikitarian, has worked with children for over 30 years. She earned Bachelors and Master’s degrees in Elementary Education.  She also is the mother of one teenage son and a co-founder of Hannah’s Heroes.
  • Lyn urges parents to take signs of depression seriously and not to think of them just as a “phase” that children go through.  
  • Liz tells parents that our first job as parents is to keep our kids safe, they don’t need the privacy online.  It’s important to be honest with kids and talk about the dangers, to ensure that we as parents can guide them through troublesome relationships online.
  • Lyn urges parents to educate themselves on signs of teen depression.  And, talk to your kids and let them know that you care enough to ask.
  • Lyn Cline and Liz Mikitarian have formed Hannah’s Heroes to help prevent suicide by working with teens and educating parents on signs that can be too easily missed or dismissed as a normal teenage development.
  • After the tragedy, Hannah’s mother Lyn found out that Hannah had a hidden Instagram account and an email that she didn’t know about beforehand.
  • Lyn urges parents to get involved and know about their kids’ electronic use to keep them safe.  
  • Please donate to their mission of support and prevention at www.hannahs-heroes.org.  Just click on the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.




Website:   www.hannahs-heroes.org  

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Hannahs-Heroes-699241423528096/