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In this Episode:

  • Welcome to Parenting in the Rain: Insights from the Experts podcast!  
  • Each episode of Parenting in the Rain will be packed full of valuable content that can add to you parenting toolbox.  
  • Parenting in the Rain podcast will be aired once a week.
  • I created the Parenting in the Rain podcast and blog to provide parents around the world with valuable knowledge to help with the “biggies” of family life. On this podcast, we will cover Topics such as picky eaters, struggles in school, behavioral issues, grief and loss, and so much more.  We’ll also delve into specific diagnosis such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Specific Learning Disabilities, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and much more…  Tough topics such as parenting through separation/divorce, depression, anxiety struggles, relationship struggles, and more.
  • Experts from all over will be called up to enlighten us with their insights.
  • We’ll learn from people such as esteemed authors, therapists, physicians, teachers, school counselors, nutritionists, coaches, pediatricians, specialists, and more.  The list goes on and on…
  • The content of this show is driven YOU!  The listeners of Parenting in the Rain will decide on what we cover. So, if you have an area that is on your mind that you’d like to learn more about, just visit www.parentingintherain.com to let us know what you’d like to have covered.  
  • Periodically, there will be an “Ask Jackie” episode.   Some of the questions submitted will be featured on the “Ask Jackie” episodes.
  • My name is Jackie Flynn, and I have 2 kiddos (a boy and a girl), a wonderful husband and a dog named Max.  I am Registered Play Therapist, Education Specialist (I worked several years as a school counselor at the elementary and middle school level), and a Licensed Psychotherapist (so basically, I am a therapist that helps kiddos and their families through my specialties of education and mental health).   My favorite role of all though, is that I am a mom.  And, I know how important helpful information is, especially in tough situations.
  • Throughout my professional journey, I have gained a TON of knowledge through several certifications, college degrees, and most importantly …valuable EXPERIENCE.  On Parenting in the Rain podcast, I will share it with you every chance that I get.
  • We will hear from experts in many fields that can speak to parenting from all kinds of angles and situations.  
  • Visit www.parentinginthe rain.com .  From, there you can connect with us on social media, get more great free content, check out some of my recommended resources, and a bunch of other stuff.
  • Be sure to rate and subscribe to Parenting in the Rain to ensure that you don’t miss an episode.
  • Thanks you for joining us!!


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