Are you an educator, child care provider, mental health provider, or professional in another facet of working with children and families?

Jackie has worked with hundreds of children and their families in the home, clinical, and school settings. In consultation sessions, she shares proven strategies in the realms of emotional, behavioral, relationships, and academic support.

Consultation services are provided via online communication portal or phone. Each session is $120 for 1 hour and customized to meet your specific needs.

Consultation sessions are limited due to high volume and/or limited time at various times throughout the year. Book soon to secure your spot. 

Please know, that while I draw on my education and experience as a Licensed Psychotherapist and Registered Play Therapist, as a consultant my services is for educational and informational purposes only.  This service is not therapy, nor is it therapeutic supervision.  For more information, please see my Terms of Condition and Disclaimer.

Please email me at for more info.