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Parenting in the Rain, Episode 7

A Passionate Play Therapist Shares Her Love

for the Nurtured Heart Approach ® with Tammi Van Hollander

In This Episode:

  • Tammi Van Hollander is a Registered Play Therapist that teaches us about the Nurtured Heart Approach ®.
  • The founder of the Nurtured Heart Approach ® is Howard Glasser.  
  • At www.childrenssuccessfoundation.com a free online eCourse is available to help children with challenging behaviors.
  • Our guest Tammi Van Hollander, was feeling “stuck”, she wanted another tool to be consistent and effective for parents and teachers.
  • Building on the children’s inner wealth, looking at their greatness and helping them to flourish is key.
  • “Children do not awaken by fear of punishment, they awaken to their greatness.” is Tammi’s favorite quote from Howard Glasser.
  • Putting energy into the positivity is so much more effective to help children with problematic behaviors.
  • This approach has 3 Stands:

Stand 1 – “Absolutely NO  I wll not energize negativity” focuses on the benefits of staying calm, collective and “resetting” if necessary.

Stand 2 –  “Absolutely Yes, I will relentlessly create and energize positivity and success in my child.

Stand 3 – “Absolutely Clear, if you cross the line, there are very clear consequences that go with that (the adult stays calm and loving)

  • It’s important not to ignore negative behavior; if negative behavior is ignored things may get worse and worse.
  • This approach highlights the benefits for recognizing the child and honoring them for showing self-control by recognizing what they didn’t do such as hit their sibling, leave the room, etc…
  • Clarity and predictability is so important for the child, as in the analogy of the video game that Tammi talks about in this episode.
  • This approach supports a healthy child parent relationship as well as help regulate their emotions.
  • Using the passion and gifts that comes with intensity  that children sometimes exhibit can make a huge difference when helping children with challenging behaviors.
  • The Nurtured Heart Approach ® is used in schools and homes all over.



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