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Parenting in the Rain, Episode  5

In This Episode:

  • Broken Circle – Children of Divorce and Separation is a collection of photographs and statements from young adults, 18 to 25, who answered my questions: “How are you impacted by your parents’ divorce? How does it affect your perceptions, plans, goals, hopes, and aspirations regarding relationships, commitments, and thinking about your own future marriage and children?”
  • The purpose of this project is to give voice to young adults whose parents are divorced and separated.
  • This project gave the participants an opportunity to speak from their heart.
  • The responses of the participants included in the “The Broken Circle Project” book were unedited.
  • The participants talked a lot about their situation during their photography shoot.  They seemed so open and willing to share their story.
  • Many of the participants said that they seemed healed by the process of their experience with this project.
  • Expression of experiences can be emotionally healing.
  • Karen Klein, the author of the Broken Circle Project, said that if she would had this book when she was going through a divorce, she would’ve changed her own behavior.
  • The Broken Circle Project is neither pro or con divorce, its merely an insightful snapshot of reflections from the young adults.
  • Some of the participants in this project reported that they had a great situation and their parents handled it very well.



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(In English)
Broken Circle – Children of Divorce and Separation

(In Spanish)
Círculo Roto – Hijos del Divorcio y la Separación (Spanish Edition)



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